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The way the Publix associates resources website ( works is such that one has to be logged in, to access personal information there. Thus, to be able to view Publix pay statements or to be able to view Publix work schedules through the Publix associates resources website, one (understandably) needs to be logged into the site. It is against this background, then, that we see most of the people who carry out searches about ‘Publix login’ actually being Publix associates, who are specifically interested in knowing more about the login procedures. Of course, we also have instances where some Publix customers express interest in knowing how they can go about logging into the main Publix website: that is, These often turn out to be folks who, for instance, wish to make use of the printed Publix grocery coupons — whose online usage requires one to be logged in. Our focus here will, however, be on the login, for Publix associates.

Accessing the Publix login page

To access the Publix login page (for the associates resources website), you need to first of all go to the said associates resources website homepage. So you enter the website’s address – that is, — into your address bar, and then press the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard. When you get to the Publix associates resources website homepage, you should focus your attention towards the top right hand corner: where, adjacent to the ‘’ link, there is a ‘Log in’ link. So you click on the ‘Log in’ link in question. Alternatively, you can focus your attention on the left hand side of the page, towards the top, where is a section entitled ‘PASSport’. Within that section is a ‘Log In’ button. Click on the said ‘Log In’ button. Either way, you will be taken to the Publix login page – whose full name is the PASSport Publix associate self-service portal login page.

Entering the required Publix login credentials

As you will notice on the Publix login page, the required login details/credentials are a user ID or personnel number and a password. So you are supposed to enter those details into the (respective) spaces provided for then, and then click on the button, in order to be logged in.

Where to find Publix login help

There is a page, on the Publix associates resources website, where you can find login help. The address to get you to the Publix login help page is indicated below, in the ‘helpful links’ section.

Helpful links

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